As part of the celebrations, the company has a special offer for AAAA members

Software celebrated its tenth anniversary in March, and to honour the occasion is offering all AAAA members a free technology Roadmap.
The technology Roadmap process entails marrying your company’s objectives and goals into a tangible step by step list of priority activities and expected ROI.
The process reviews the business versus technologies specifically around ERP, integration, eCommerce, BI, and AI. This includes helping companies choose where to start, which is often the hardest part.
“Since we started, we have been all about improving a company’s efficiency and giving them the best return on investment. That focus hasn’t changed, and we pride ourselves on what we can achieve for our clients,” BrainStorm Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Ty Osborne, said.
The company’s first client was Baxters Automotive and by positive word of mouth the business soon grew into Automotive Aftermarket specialists, rapidly expanding within the ERP (enterprise resource planning system), e-commerce and CRM (customer relationship management software) space.
Helping over 55 clients so far, BrainStorm says it has maintained many of its clients since it first began in 2013.
Over the past few years BrainStorm has also been developing some of its own software based out of its AI instrument, ‘The Brain,’ out of which the team has created ‘Brain Apps’ which can operate and integrate on any good ERP platform, and on their own.
The Brain Apps include a warehouse management system (WMS) WaBI; a sales automation tool – MoBI; a delivery app – DeBI; a task management tool – TiBI; and a configuration tool – CoBI. These apps are designed to help clients improve efficiency, increase productivity, and drive growth.
Ty believes that AI is “the most transformational software the world has ever seen, and that we are only just starting to see what is possible. Very soon I believe all software interactions will be impacted, altered or have been created by AI.
“It really is super exciting, and I’m so grateful to be able to help companies embrace this tech early to lead their industries.

To find out more and take up the Roadmap offer, please visit or call 02 6188 7306.