With 5IQ Automotive Software

5IQ Automotive Software says you can modernise every facet of automotive workshop operation with its fully integrated automotive workshop software which has been developed in Australia and specifically tailored for Australian automotive service and repair businesses.
This automotive workshop software package was produced and tested in conjunction with workshop managers and technicians over a three-year development timeframe before being released.
This comprehensive cloud-based software solution offers complete automation for managing customer booking schedules and invoicing, and integrates with partners such as Burson EzyParts and Repco Navigator.
Further, 5IQ says the powerful features of the software include parts requirement and quote generation, accurate labour time estimation, regular inspection reminders for customer vehicles and more. 
“Your customers will benefit greatly from this tailored automotive software package with technicians being able to use an app to send customers real time images and video of issues that need to be addressed by email or SMS directly while working on the vehicle,” 5IQ Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Alfred, said. 
Recommendations for future maintenance or repair work can also be added to invoices and the 5IQ software also stores data from work completed or recommended on every vehicle.
When each customer’s vehicle returns, a list of the recommended repairs or maintenance issues is automatically generated. 5IQ says this looks after your customers better, ensuring that they are driving the safest and most reliable vehicles after each service or repair visit. 
This complete 5IQ Automotive Software suite can also be easily integrated with any of the most popular accounting software programs, eliminating the time-consuming manual transfer of invoicing and trade account purchase information.
This enables business owners to focus more on the revenue earning areas of their businesses. 5IQ is also a Capricorn Preferred Supplier which also adds additional value for many workshops. 
The 5IQ Automotive Software package enables automotive workshops to keep a much closer eye on their businesses, with a number of automated reports available covering technician productivity, the most frequent work being carried out, the most frequent types of vehicles being serviced and repaired and much more.
This automated reporting information provides real time operating business information that will help to make more informed business decisions to increase business efficiency and profitability. 
“5IQ Automotive Software provides a next generation tool for the automotive workshop,” Mark said.                                                 
“The automotive service and repair industry customised 5IQ Automotive Software package was three years in the making, involving Australian repairers in every step of its development process.
“It is without any doubt one of the most comprehensive, easy to use and fully integrated automotive software packages available. 
“For automotive repair businesses to continue to grow, operating efficiency is imperative. There is no doubt that the introduction of 5IQ Automotive Software will be a game changer for many trade customers and we at 5IQ want to help workshops realise their growth potential, to be more profitable and more successful.” 

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