Now you see me… and everything else!

Ever towed a trailer or van and thought, “Well, if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist, right?” Wrong! That caravan’s still there, even if your standard mirrors tell you otherwise.
It is here that Clearview says its Towing Mirrors come to the rescue.
Australia’s open roads beckon, and for many, that call includes towing some pretty sizeable ‘road-train’ companions.
Boats, trailers, caravans, horse floats, maybe even a circus tent, but Clearview says here’s a little secret: while you’re dreaming of that beachside spot or mountain retreat, your standard mirrors are whispering, “good luck seeing past that trailer, mate!”
The team at Clearview say they have heard those whispers and decided, “Not on our watch!”
Clearview says that its Compact and Next Gen Extendable Towing Mirrors aren’t just mirrors, stating “they’re like having a superhero sidekick for your vehicle. Tony Stark? Yeah, I bet he also had Clearview Mirrors!”
Clearview says these mirrors are they the toast (and not the roast) of the towing town for a number of reasons:

  • Sleek yet stretchy: these mirrors play it cool, staying close to your ride. But when duty calls, they stretch out to give you all the views.
  • 180° of awesomeness: need to tow or reverse? These mirrors extend a full 180mm – it is like having eyes in the back of your trailer.
  • They’ve got the moves: they fold, they tilt, and if they get a nudge they bounce back.
  • Choices: manual fold or power fold – why not both, says Clearview.

Clearview Towing Mirrors are available at BAW Automotive, allowing you to not just look back, but “look back with style.”

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