From Mount Auto Equip Services

Mount Auto Equip Services explains that it offers a range of advanced, professional diagnostic tools and equipment.
Its latest oscilloscopes and pressure transducers from Pico Technology are used extensively by OEMs and the aftermarket, bolstering ease in diesel engine diagnosis and maintenance and achieving a more accurate diagnosis in quick time.
Working on diesel engines is only becoming more complex and your workshop’s ability to adapt is important.
Building your shop to maximise efficiency and accuracy is non-negotiable, says Mount Auto Equip Services, which states that the range and the abilities of Pico’s automotive oscilloscope range allows fast diagnosis and confirmation of repair, often in an unobtrusive manner.
It says that by adding a Pico oscilloscope and accessories such as the WPS500 pressure transducer kit, diagnostic time can be minimised, and those larger jobs can be sold to the customer with confidence.
These tools provide an abundance of guided tests, from testing fuel positive and negative priming pressure, fuel delivery residual pressure, fuel injector back leakage and fuel injector contribution evaluation tests. Each test comes with detailed step-by-step instructions to follow.
Mount Auto Equip Services says it doesn’t end here with diesel diagnostics either.
Combined with other products such as the Pico 4 Channel Diesel or Off Highway Kits, the pressure transducer can be used to measure Diesel Particulate Filter backpressure along with boost pressure evaluations, boost waste gate pressure evaluations and boost control vacuum circuit solenoid tests.

You can also perform relative and/or in-cylinder compression tests, cooling system pressure evaluation, head gasket failure tests, camshaft timing evaluations, hydraulic pressure and flow tests, and engine oil pressure tests.
With guided testing on sensors, actuators and other engine components, Mount Auto Equip Services says the Reference Library boosts the already professional scope to the next level by providing comparative data to confirm a faulty component.
For diesel technicians, this includes guided tests for piezo and solenoid injector current waveforms with comparative data to reference.
When utilising all the guided tests, Mount Auto Equip Services says it allows for superb accuracy and speed.
Far beyond Pico’s latest oscilloscope and transducer, Mount Auto Equip Services also offers the NVH/Noise Vibration Harshness kit, which it says can give your workshop accurate measurement points on cabin vibrations at speed, engine vibrations throughout its RPM and load range, transmission and bearing whine, steering vibrations and much more.
With the Pico Technology Automotive product range, understanding the vehicle’s symptoms in such detail has never been easier, says Mount Auto Equip Services, which states the depth and scale of data that Pico’s tooling and accessories provide allows for your workshop to be ready for change and innovation.

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