In this article, UFI Filters provides a number of tips

The fuel filter is a fundamental element for the protection and good performance of the engine.
It represents a barrier against impurities and water residues which can irreparably damage the injectors with consequently high maintenance costs.
When the filter is clogged, the engine has to work harder to keep the regular fuel flow, reducing functionality and increasing consumption.
Regularly replacing the diesel filter is vital to ensure the correct functioning of the vehicle’s engine.
Keeping the diesel filter in excellent condition helps prolong the life of the engine. In fact, a dirty or malfunctioning filter can lead to internal damage to the engine.

UFI Filters says its high-quality filters are produced with specific materials:

  • Polymeric fibres, in FormulaUFI.Extreme, such as the 60.H2O.00 or 26.052.00 filter for Stellantis applications.
  • Cellulose coupled with synthetic fibres or glass, in FormulaUFI.H2O, like the filter 26.038.00 for the Volkswagen Group’s most popular engine, the EA 288 EVO 1.6 and 2.0 litres.
  • To enhance the performance of FormulaUFI.Extreme, materials are often combined in different layers with hydrophobic barriers, in FormulaUFI.Stratiflex, such as the filters of the 26.H2O family.

Unfortunately, in the aftermarket space there are filters of poor quality, or even counterfeit, with media made of pleated paper, or unsuitable materials that do not perform the function of separating water from diesel.
For this reason, purchasing a poor-quality product to save on price can compromise the injection system, with risks of vehicle downtime, and related economic damage.
On heavy vehicles, such as trucks, the choice of the best filter is crucial, as these are systems that often combine pre-filter and filter.
The pre-filter has the function of water separation and protection of the low pressure pump, while the filter performs a function of fine filtration and protection of the high pressure pump and injectors.
UFI explains its filtration systems are equipped with the most advanced materials resistant to the so-called “bad fuel” and biodiesel and produced with the best materials and technologies.
UFI Filters Group says it was a pioneer in the development of high water separation filters, in deep filtration media which separates the smallest particles of water, up to 4 microns.
It says choosing a manufacturer like UFI with a strong OE pedigree ensures a further guarantee, because you have the certainty that the product has been developed to maintain high standards of water separation even in more severe conditions than those foreseen in the regulations.

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