Raw 4×4 says it has you covered

Whether it is a lift for a customer’s 4WD to give it that greater street presence, or if it is for some serious 4WDriving and hitting those corrugated tracks, Raw 4×4 states it can customise a suspension solution to meet the individual needs of the driver.
Raw 4×4 knows that Australia’s unforgiving terrain is some of the most diverse and demanding in the world and says that it is essential that every 4×4 is equipped with the right suspension components to tackle these conditions.
It explains that the technology used to design and develop Raw 4×4 shock absorbers and struts is based on years of experience designing and developing products specifically for Australia’s harsh operating conditions.
The Raw 4×4 brand was created by Powerdown, which has been designing and developing suspension components for the heavy commercial vehicle industry since 1983.
Raw 4×4 says its engineering team, based in Beresfield, New South Wales, is dedicated to researching and developing shock absorbers and suspension components, with some of the most advanced testing facilities in Australia; including one of the largest dynamometers in the country; accurately measuring the dampening capabilities of a shock absorber.
This testing of performance and durability is followed by on-road testing carried out on Australia’s diversified road and climatic conditions.
Raw 4×4 explains that upgrading suspension is essential for vehicles that have been fitted with load bearing aftermarket accessories, travelling prolonged periods on corrugated tracks, or for customers who want to improve the performance of their 4WD.
Allowing for the fitment of bigger tyres for increased ground clearance, Raw 4×4 suspension also reportedly improves the overall feel of the vehicle, enhances the load carrying ability, and improves off road articulation, whilst increasing comfort and control.
The team at Raw 4×4 says that they do not believe in a one size fits all approach to suspension design, with an understanding that every 4WDriver has a unique purpose for their vehicle.
Raw 4×4 designs and develops a complete range of heavy duty suspension equipment to survive the toughest of conditions; with the range offering multiple leaf, coil springs and shock absorber options; to design the perfect package to suit load carrying and ride handling needs.
Raw 4×4 says it can give you the confidence to take your 4WDriving adventures to the next level with its complete suspension solutions, and states that finding the perfect upgrade is simple with the RAW 4×4 online kit builder at or by speaking to one of its sales team on 02 4949 0000.

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