Assisting mechanics in quickly and accurately identifying system and component errors

The HaynesPro database boasts a vast collection of electrical system data, including VESA (Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistant) guided diagnostics, comprehensive fuse and relay information, and clear comfort wiring diagrams.
Its purpose is to empower technicians to identify and resolve complex electrical issues efficiently, with instant access to manufacturer-specific fault codes and EOBD data.
The user-friendly interface allows for simultaneous fault code entry and direct links to relevant component tests and smart module configurations, simplifying the diagnostic process.
Haynes says its VESA application, embedded within the HaynesPro electronics section, has long been a cornerstone of success for automotive technicians.
At its heart lies the localised or concise wiring diagrams unique to HaynesPro.
From within any VESA electronic system, Haynes says the user can seamlessly switch between the ‘Extended wiring diagram’ and ‘Concise’ view using a convenient toggle button.
Covered systems include Engine Management, Braking, Transmission, Steering, and Climate Control.
HaynesPro also allows users to highlight specific wires within the wiring diagrams, significantly streamlining the process of tracing their connections.

Interested consumers can try out VESA with a 30-day free trial. To learn more, contact haynespro@haynes.com.au