Corghi says its range is driving workshop profitability

Now is the time to ensure your workshop is geared up to take advantage of the seasonal increase in automotive air-conditioning servicing brought on by the fast approaching hot summer months.
Corghi has a range of air-conditioning equipment that is says can help drive workshop profitability forward.
Amongst Corghi’s product portfolio is the TECNOMOTOR by Corghi range of service equipment for automotive refrigerants, which has been designed specifically for cars and light-duty vehicles.
The range is comprised of two fully automatic models, the A/C 1600 and the A/C 1605.
The A/C 1600 is suitable for refrigerant R-134a, while the A/C 1605 is designed for vehicles in which R-1234yf refrigerant is used to charge the cooling system.
“Globally, Corghi is on an aggressive acquisition program,” Corghi Australia General Manager, Andrew Cornwell, said.
“We’ve aligned with the NEXION Group, and this is providing us with numerous opportunities to increase our product range to ensure we have a solution to fit every workshop profile.”
The TECNOMOTOR by Corghi range allows the operator to select between manual and automatic functions for recovery, recycling, and recharge and is suitable for hybrid vehicles.
“All models feature an easy-to-read seven-inch, 800 x 480 pixel TFT-LCD RGB display, as well as WiFi and BlueTooth connectivity,” Andrew said.
“While those with a ‘P’ suffix in the model number indicate that these models come with a printer.
“This gives workshop owners the option to provide their customers with a detailed service report.”
Working in either manual or automatic configuration, the TECNOMOTOR by Corghi automotive air-conditioning service units will complete four critical functions: oil and refrigerant recovery, vacuum, micro-leak test, and finally, a new oil and refrigerant charge.
“Both models feature an integrated heating band and a large 12kg capacity refrigerant tank that is easily assessable through a rear door to speed up unscheduled maintenance,” Andrew said.
“As well as a rotary compressor with recovery efficiency that exceeds 98 percent.”
Corghi says it has built a reputation on the foundations of innovation, quality and precision and that it is helping workshops embrace the latest in automated technology.

For more information about the range, call 1800 CORGHI (267 444) or visit