For thermal management in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

The Refrigerant Oil Company explains it pioneered the use of PAO-based oils in refrigeration over 20 years ago.
The company says there are many reasons why you should consider using PAOIL in your workshop.
Now, the company is producing PAO-based lubricants for thermal management in hybrid and electric vehicles.
The company says it is doing so because users of the products found they recognised the advantages of the stability, purity and lubricity of polyalphaolefins (PAOs) for the industry.
The Refrigerant Oil Company explains that the electrical properties of PAO make it suitable for high voltage electrical systems.

Due to the increasing global importance of energy efficiency driving the use of lower viscosity lubricants, PAOIL is releasing a VG 46 series of oils (PAOIL AA4).
VG 32 (PAOIL AA2). VG 68 (PAOIL AA1) and (PAOIL PL68) will still be available.

Key features and benefits:
• PAOIL is useable with all automotive compressor types including hybrid vehicle compressors.
• PAO is also compatible with R134a and R1234yf refrigerants.
• PAOIL is suitable for the use in hybrid and electric vehicles (AA series is preferred but PL series may be used)
• PAOIL has a high Viscosity Index meaning that the oil maintains its viscosity and lubricating properties at high operating temperatures.
• Unlike other lubricants PAO is nonhygroscopic: it does not readily absorb moisture.
• Due to the inertness and inherent stability of PAO, PAOIL has a five-year shelf life.
• PAOIL is also available with an added UV dye to help with leak tracing.
• PAOIL is universal: you need to stock one, rather than carry many different types of oil.
• Safe to use: PAOIL is a non-hazardous, non-toxic product safe to have around the workshop. It is safe on painted surfaces, so no worries if accidentally spilt on vehicles.

The Refrigerant Oil Company says the PAOIL PL series offers the same positive properties as the PAOIL AA series.
This means it can be used as a complete oil replacement for A/C systems.
The company adds that by using PAOIL, you can buy in bulk (PAOIL is available in 1L, 5L, and 20L container sizes).
And with its five-year shelf life, you reportedly do not need to worry about the oil being unusable a couple of hours after opening.
Workshops also do not need to stock multiple types of oil when using PAOIL, since PAOIL is suitable for use with a wide variety of automotive compressors and refrigerants.
As such, PAOIL helps you to save money, says Ariazone and The Refrigerant Oil Company – which are fully Australian-owned companies based in Melbourne at the Global Headquarters and part of the ROC Group.
Ariazone/PAOIL products are reportedly used in workshops in more than 40 counties worldwide.
For more information, go to or or call 03 9338 7522.