A tyre safety device assisting drivers to maintain correct tyre pressures is proving invaluable on towing trips

Amongst its varied range, Davies Craig stocks and supplies the TyreGuard 400 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).
By alerting the driver to potential tyre issues in real-time, Davies Craig says the TyreGuard 400 TPMS ensures optimal vehicle performance, improved fuel efficiency, and longer tyre life.
According to Davies Craig, this product proved invaluable to one of its customers when he was towing his caravan on a recent trip in outback South Australia
“I was driving from Blinman to Arkaroola in the northern Flinders Ranges, on 183km of gravel road,” Davies Craig customer, Graham Humphries, said.
“I was travelling with a number of fellow SUV/caravan combination owners from Sydney. The road had been well maintained and there were signs that recent grader work had been carried out following previous wet weather.
“We were about 90 kilometers into the drive when we came across a road crew currently grading the road. Plenty of rocks and gravel were encountered during the road works. I felt relieved that we made it to the end of the extensive road work without any issues – just the usual mud across the front of the van.
“Each time we came to a cattle grid I would take it very easy, as many of these grids needed attention as the actual metal grids in this region are above the gravel road surface.
“As we approached one of the rougher grids, I radioed our companions to advise them to slow down for this one as it was quite unstable and rough. At the same time, my TPMS was going crazy showing that I was losing air from a right-hand rear tyre.
“I was able to quickly pull over, and sure enough, the tyre was going flat. On reaching Arkaroola the punctured tyre was able to be repaired. The cost was $60.00. Should I have needed a replacement tyre, I would have had to wait till they arranged for a replacement tyre to be freighted up from Adelaide as they did not have a tyre to suit in stock.
“I was glad I had the Davies Craig TyreGuard 400 TPMS installed as it saved the tyre from being totally destroyed. The replacement cost would have been $373.00 plus freight and fitting – and we would have had to camp down in Arkaroola for two days till the tyre arrived!
“The investment in a Davies Craig TyreGuard 400 TPMS has paid for itself, not only in money, but also in time and convenience. Who would want a TPMS kit I hear some people say? But I know immediately if and when any of my eight tyres are overheating or going flat.”

Davies Craig says tyre pressures and tyre temperatures are two crucial aspects of vehicle safety and performance, yet they are often overlooked by many drivers.
A tyre with low pressure and increased temperature leads to reduced fuel efficiency, decreased handling, and an increased risk of deflating completely or causing a blowout.
Fortunately, modern technology such as the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) can help drivers stay informed about tyre pressures and temperature levels.
Davies Craig states that its TyreGuard 400 TPMS is a very economical device which can prove to be an excellent investment from both a financial and safety perspective.
By investing in this TPMS technology and following regular maintenance guidelines, Davies Craig says consumers will not only save money, but also make our roads safer for everyone.
Davies Craig’s TyreGuard 400 TPMS uses individual pressure sensors mounted on the valve stem of each tyre to directly monitor both tyre pressures and temperatures.
Each sensor transmits real-time data to the compact TyreGuard Monitor located in the vehicle’s driving compartment, which then displays the information on the LED screen for the driver’s convenience.
The TPMS provides accurate pressure and temperature readings and can detect an ongoing pressure loss.

For more information, visit www.daviescraig.com.au/tyreguard-tpms