The Ultimate Suspension offers a wide array of suspension packages

Australian owned with more than 45 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying top-quality suspension systems for a diverse range of vehicles, The Ultimate Suspension designs and manufactures suspension systems to cater specifically for adverse driving conditions.
The Ultimate Suspension product range includes custom built suspension packages, and the company also partners with leading Australian GVM and GCM providers.
Its range of associated products includes shock absorbers, airbags, sway bars, steering geometry correction components, and more.
“The Ultimate Suspension has achieved recognition and earned a reputation of technical and ethical business dealings and also established a strong presence in the international market with special applications in government departments and defence organisations and mining, gaining a commendable reputation among customers,” The Ultimate Suspension Managing Director, Ken O’Keefe, said.
“The Ultimate Suspension enhances safety, comfort, performance, and peace of mind with the selection of the suspension systems and towing upgrades to meet your individual requirements.
“We work with JMACX and Lovells to provide a range of GVMs up to 4,200kgs replacement while upholding the original towing capacity and prioritising both manufacturing integrity and safety, ensuring optimal performance.
“Furthermore, these systems enhance your vehicle performance while maintaining the original manufacturer’s towing capacity.
“GVM suspensions are available for both Pre and Post registrations in most states of Australia. Also, Lovells offers its BTC towing upgrades providing up to four-ton towing capacity on certain applications.”

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