DBA has stepped up its presence in the 4WD and off-road space this year with new products and an increased market presence

As the financial year draws to a close, iconic brake manufacturer Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) is looking back on a successful 12 months, with the 4WD and off-road segment being no exception.
Earlier this year the company decided to take its 4WD product offering to one of the leading industry shows, the National 4×4 Outdoors Show in Brisbane, Melbourne and, for the first time, Sydney.
The Brisbane leg back in March provided the perfect opportunity for the business to present its multi-tiered range of 4WD brakes to the market.
“The business is entering a new phase, backed by our aspiration to offer the optimal braking solution for every application,” DBA General Manager of Sales ANZ, Shane Jeffreys, said.
“We are now in a position to provide the customer with a complete brake package, from high-volume deals for fleet, mining and direct replacement applications, all the way to brake upgrades for the most discerning 4WD enthusiast.”
The backbone of DBA’s 4WD and off-road range is its tried and tested range of 4000 Series brake rotors. Cast from high-carbon alloyed iron and undergoing Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP), the rotor’s unique metallurgy performs exceptionally well under intense braking, be it off-road or when carrying or towing extra weight.

The rotor features DBA’s patented Kangaroo Paw design for improved cooling characteristics and optionally the unique T3 slot design, amongst other available surface designs.
The rotors are complemented by two upgrade brake pad options – DBA’s Street Performance and Xtreme Performance ranges.
While the former offers a slightly smoother braking experience with its semi-metallic friction composition to suit daily street driving and off-road use, the latter uses low-copper, carbon fibre infused friction, allowing drivers to push their vehicle to its limits whilst enjoying uncompromised stopping power.
Recognising the use of many 4WD and pick-up vehicles in fleets performing either on- or off-road duties, and even as daily drivers, DBA has released a complete range of OE-replacement brake rotors and pads under its Street Series brand, complemented by brake calipers and brake cylinders.
Featuring most of DBA’s hallmark technologies, the Street Series range offers unparalleled value for money whilst providing an improved braking experience compared with the original equipment.
DBA’s offering would not be complete without a special mention of arguably the most important new vehicle release in the off-road segment for 2022, the Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series.
True to its ambition of being ‘First to Market,’ DBA recently released the OE-replacement Street Series and upgrade 4000 Series brake rotors for the all-new Cruiser.
Street Series brake pads and various upgrade and performance pad options will follow within the next six months, together with calipers and brake cylinders.
To find the right parts for any 4WD or utility vehicle, DBA invites you to go to ‘Part Finder’ at www.dba.com.au

For more information, call DBA’s Customer Service on 1800 730 039.