Taking the stress out of diesel diagnostics

Everyday somewhere in Australia a petrol light vehicle technician finishes their day diagnosing a diesel and getting no closer to a successful outcome.
Diesel Help Australia says this is becoming an all too common problem and it is no wonder, as most of these mechanics did not sign up for diesel.
“We take the stress out of diesel diagnostics. We have done the homework for you and when it is something new that we haven’t come across (because no one knows everything), we provide additional services including a growing diesel technical bulletin library and products to assist you through the process with confidence,” Diesel Help Australia Founder and Trainer, Clinton Brett, said.
“We’ve been providing diesel diagnostic training since 2013 and in addition to the in-class training, Diesel Help Australia provides over the phone technical support for automotive workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand.
“There are three membership options to best suit your requirements and budget; and within hours of logging a job through the secure membership login, the member will receive a direct phone call from one of our qualified technicians.”
Diesels have certainly become a popular passenger car in recent years and as a result, Clinton has been kept very busy.
In fact, he has been so busy that he now requires the services of another experienced technician to help and assist with diesel diagnostics for Diesel Help Australia members; and so Daniel Armer of Precision Vehicle Diagnostics began working alongside Clinton at the start of 2020.
With a combined experience of 40 years working with diesel engines between them, Dan’s extensive Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) knowledge assists with Common Rail Diesel (CRD) diagnosing while Clinton’s experience as a diesel fuel injection specialist, particularly with early type diesels, has reportedly been the key to success in diagnosing the extensive range of different CRD systems in the marketplace.
“Understanding diesel combustion engine operating principles is the only sure way anyone can confidently work on any diesel vehicle,” Clinton said.
“When I started witnessing CRD faults in the late 90s, I knew this was going to be the diesel system of the future for all mechanical backgrounds, especially those working on EFI.
“It is not just the petrol mechanics who struggle; we get our fair share of old school qualified diesel mechanics who also find some diesels difficult to diagnose.
“Our proven systematic approach sees us assist an average of six jobs per day on cars, 4WDs, trucks, tractors, earthmoving equipment, marine equipment and generators.
“That’s a lot of diesel diagnosing between two technicians who are not actually physically working on the vehicles. We both understand the battles mechanics face and often have been a sounding board even when the technician was on the correct path to a successful diagnosis.”

Online training options
Clinton explains that since the start of COVID-19, his travel delivering in-class training has been reduced to almost nothing.
“This has been a blessing in disguise as I now have more time to concentrate on finalising the edits for our latest online training release,” Clinton said.
“The Ultimate Common Rail Diesel Diagnostic course (UCRD) has been our long running live training event since 2013 and will be available online by the time this article goes to print.
“The pre-recorded 4.5-hour online version of UCRD provides a detailed explanation of how each system works on the modern diesel engine and covers the vital areas the technician needs to concentrate on when diagnosing, with and without fault codes.
“Within the course there are several on-vehicle techniques demonstrating proven testing methods with and without a scan tool, whilst utilising inexpensive equipment.
“An added feature of the training is the integrated learning management system (LMS) which enables your staff to complete a quiz online at the end of each part of the course, of which there are nine in total.
“The course also includes a downloadable booklet and certificate for each successful completion of the training – a useful tool for staff performance evaluation.
“The UCRD is the second online instalment available for both members and non-members to purchase. Our members have the option to purchase access all year round for every workshop technician to complete or a one-time access valid for 12 months.”

Live webinars
With no clear outlook and the ever changing COVID-19 regulations throughout the world, Diesel Help Australia says that looking to book any live in-class training for the remainder of 2020 is a risk it is not willing to take.
“We have just completed a couple of pilot test runs of our live webinar and I am very happy with what we are able to provide,” Clinton said.
“We will be running some of the Common Diesel Faults and Scan Tools Training (CDFST) in a live Google Meet webinar throughout the remainder of 2020.
“Some of these webinars are being delivered as a replacement for courses cancelled earlier this year due to COVID-19.
“We have also been providing private training sessions as a replacement for the sold-out events, so as to reduce the contact in the community.
“Everyone has a unique style of learning, so you have the ability to come up with your own diagnostic strategies and we will provide you with an understanding of what you’re diagnosing and why.”

For more information, visit www.dieselhelp.com.au