Diesel Help Australia’s most popular diagnosis kit

The Optimus Primer diagnosis tool has recently been revised to a cost-effective kit, reducing freight costs and storage into a lighter and more compact design with just as many fittings.
The kit is available from Diesel Help Australia.
“Soon after I first joined the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association in 2016, I wrote an editorial for the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine which would go on to be a major influence on the growth of Diesel Help Australia,” Diesel Help Australia Founder, Clinton Brett, said.
“The article focused on the diagnosis of Common Rail diesel systems without a scan tool and demonstrated how to diagnose the low fuel pressure supply using the Optimus Primer.
“Today the kit continues to be our most popular seller, assisting workshops to diagnose, to replace OEM lines, and to assist with bleeding air from the diesel system during a filter change. It can also be used for the installation of an aftermarket fuel filtration kit.
“We recently revised the Optimus Primer as part of an overall investigation of our products, which allows us to reduce freight costs for customers and improve storage capability with a lighter and more compact design while still offering just as many fittings.
“Though named the Optimus Primer MK2, the kit will remain with its trademark name, Optimus Primer and at the current price of $400 plus freight.
“We have also included two of each of our popular fittings and increased the quantity of the popular size dust caps to three.
“We will also continue to runout the old stock of the less popular quick release fittings, with regular specials throughout the year. If you would like to be kept informed of our specials and upcoming training, please send a request via our website.”
The Optimus Primer is also available in Diesel Help Australia’s special priced kit containing the Eliminator and dust cap kits in the popular Ultimate diagnostic kit.

For more information, visit www.dieselhelp.com.au