Century says its Battery Fitment Solution can future proof your business

Vehicle technology is changing at a rapid rate with manufacturers incorporating more advanced technologies and electronics into vehicles as standard.
How many times have we heard the saying “batteries don’t last as long as they used to,” or “they don’t make them as good as they used to?” Century says neither is true – batteries are better now than they’ve ever been.
It wasn’t that long ago that reversing cameras, parking sensors or assisted parking systems were optional extras – yet many of these are now fitted as standard in today’s vehicles.
Similarly, manufacturers are also incorporating advanced emission control technologies and battery management systems into vehicles to meet global CO2 emission standards and performance targets.
With the introduction of all this new technology it is critical to not only ensure that the correct battery (both in terms of technology and capacity) is fitted, but also that specific step by step pre-and post-installation procedures are followed during battery replacements.
These steps will help you avoid vehicle damage, loss of system functionality and even premature battery failure down the track. In a nutshell, battery replacement is no longer the simple task it once was.

Luckily, says Century, it is here to help. It says its ‘Battery Fitment Solution’ is a complete battery finder and fitment system designed to assit with battery replacement in this rapidly changing market place.
Century explains that this system will help to ‘future proof’ your business by providing a complete battery finder and fitment solution.
The system allows you to easily identify vehicles, presents the battery replacement options for that vehicle and then provides an estimated battery fitment time to replace it. More importantly, it also provides you with detailed fitment instructions to ensure the battery will be installed correctly.
Compatible with desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones, you can search for a vehicle by typing in the registration number, VIN, or through a standard make/model search.
Once the correct battery has been selected, you can view the estimated time required to fit the battery into the vehicle, and also download the detailed step-by-step fitment instructions required.
The system will also advise if the Yu-Fit configuration tool is required as part of the battery replacement process.
Century says its battery finder system is just one of the many exciting initiatives available.

For more information or assistance, contact your Century Yuasa representative on 1300 362 287.