“A master class in tyre changing technology,” says Corghi

Corghi says it has been a leader in the field of tyre changing technology since the company invented and patented the world’s first tyre changer in the 1960s.
In 2001, the company says it revolutionised tyre changing by introducing the leverless tyre changer, which means operators do not have to touch the rim while working on the wheel and tyre.
Now with the introduction of its Master models, which includes the Master Force Hydraulic Tyre Changer, Corghi says it offers new levels of productivity and efficiency for any workshop.
At the core of Master Force is the Smart Corghi system, which eliminates any tension between the tyre and rim even while working with today’s demanding low profile, runflat and ultra-high performance (UHP) tyres.
With Master Force Corghi says it has developed a machine that combines the use of hydraulic and pneumatic drives to optimise the work cycle, resulting in less time for tyre changing.
When wheel demounting, the software inherent in the machine preserves the integrity of the rims and tyres while both automatic and manual modes have been improved to reduce work times by 20 percent.
During the bead breaking cycle, the tyre is automatically lubricated with an accurate spray dosing unit which is located next to the bead breaker disc. The bead breaker disc is designed to align and reach its working and rest positions quickly.
Pressing against the tyre during the bead breaking cycle is a two in one bead pressing tool which Corghi says always aligns with the wheel centre thanks to an electronic actuator. This bead pressing tool can be used as a single roller or in tandem with a second roller if the tyre wall is very rigid.
One of the most innovative aspects of the Master Force is that all tools are positioned on the same working axis.
To lift the wheel and tyre into position on the machine is a dual function wheel lift that first lifts the tyre up to the machine and then easily into position where it can be clamped down.
An electromechanical clamping unit enables the wheel to be clamped down to the correct torque for every type of rim ensuring a safe working area for operators.
To achieve the correct positioning of the wheel rim onto the machine, the operator simply enters the rim size on the large 18.5-inch-wide touchscreen.
Corghi says that even though Master Force displays “a remarkable level of technology and innovation,” it is only slightly wider than a traditional tyre changing machine, needing less than 1.4m of width and a working area of less than three m2.
Corghi is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of tyre related equipment including tyre changers, wheel balancers and aligners specifically designed for motorbikes, cars, 4WDs, trucks, bus and agricultural equipment.
The company also has a range of hoists and test equipment such as the ADAS calibration system, exhaust gas analysers, brake, suspension, headlight and speed testers.

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