With Mechanic.com.au’s new Workshop Program

Car Dealers and Workshop Comparison Websites are getting exceptionally savvy in the way they operate and are progressively taking market share from quality aftermarket workshops.
Mechanic.com.au explains they are doing this by providing convenient booking solutions to motorists as well as being somewhat misleading in the way they often market auto service and repair.
What they aren’t doing is properly educating motorists about the importance of ‘value over price’ when it comes to car maintenance as well as misleading motorists about new car warranty requirements and the often-hidden truth about capped price servicing plans.
Mechanic.com.au says motorists are being led to believe that comparing service prices between various mechanics is always comparing apples with apples, and in the case of new car warranties and capped price servicing, they are under the impression they need to return to the dealer to keep their warranty intact and are unaware of the hidden costs often associated with capped price servicing plans.
Mechanic.com.au’s philosophy is that motorists can experience a better service at a better price at a quality aftermarket workshop and that the ‘cheap’ service and repair options are often cheap for a reason.
In order to provide a cheaper price, Mechanic.com.au says substandard parts are often used and said mechanics often do not invest in the required level of equipment, tools and training in order to provide a high standard of service to properly maintain a modern vehicle.
Aside from the role quality aftermarket workshops need to play in educating motorists, many of those workshops’ target market (particularly the younger demographic) want to research and book their vehicle maintenance after hours on their electronic devices as is demonstrated by countless consumer research studies.
The narrative from some quality aftermarket workshops is that they are currently busy enough, rely on word of mouth only and don’t need to invest in online booking and marketing solutions.
This situation is the hallmark of a well-operated workshop that has built a reputation through consistency, integrity and high-quality work, but in the digital age that is upon us, the mentality of ‘what has worked in the past will work in the future’ puts these workshops at serious risk, warns Mechanic.com.au
For those workshops who decide to wait until these conditions change to take action and start providing solutions for the age that we now live in, it may very well be too late.
In line with Mechanic.com.au’s mission of helping mechanics to become better mechanics, Mechanic.com.au says it is pleased to provide its Evolve Program to help quality aftermarket workshops not only compete but thrive in the digital age that is upon us.
Mechanic.com.au’s Evolve Program enables quality aftermarket workshops to:
• Generate high quality customers that are seeking the best value, not the cheapest price.
• Effectively compete with the dealers by breaking through customer misconceptions and showcasing value.
• Take bookings from new and existing customers Online 24/7 with your workshop’s own microsite featuring handy booking tools.
• Learn how to evolve your business with the latest solutions to become more effective and efficient.
• Access the best technician talent to fulfill any staffing needs that you may have now as well as keep your finger on the pulse for the future.

To find out more about the program, visit www.mechanic.com.au