Perfect for when you need to make a replacement, says Exedy

Clutch friction material, the lining that is located on both sides of the clutch disc, is typically made of a high-friction material such as ceramic or organic compounds that allows the clutch to engage and disengage with the flywheel effectively.
When the clutch pedal is released, the pressure plate presses the friction material against the flywheel, transferring power from the engine to the transmission.
Over time, the friction material can wear down due to the repeated engagement and disengagement, which can result in slipping and reduced performance.
When this happens, the clutch may need to be replaced.
Exedy says its OEM replacement kits include the highest quality cover assemblies, clutch discs, and release bearings packaged in the distinctive Exedy silver and blue kit box.
With advanced dampening mechanisms, premium quality friction facings, and high-quality cover assemblies, Exedy says its clutch kits guarantee correct fit and function every time.
When installing a new clutch, only approximately 30 percent of the clutch disc friction surface is in direct contact with the pressure plate and flywheel, as these surfaces are not precisely flat.
As such, aggressively driving the vehicle shortly after the new clutch has been installed without following a ‘break-in’ procedure will almost certainly result in premature clutch failure.
‘Breaking in’ the clutch refers to the process of conditioning a new clutch to optimise its performance and extend its lifespan.
The exact procedure can vary based on the specific clutch type but it generally involves driving the vehicle for approximately 500kms – 1000kms, engaging the clutch under 3,000rpm and gradually increasing the load on the clutch over time to allow it to properly seat and bed-in.
Therefore, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for ‘break-in’ procedures to ensure hassle free shifting and optimum performance of your new clutch system for many years to come.

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