Offering performance and reliability off-road

Exedy explains that Safari Tuff is a top-of-the-line clutch kit designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability in off-road and extreme driving conditions.
Built with precision engineering and advanced technology, Exedy says this clutch kit has
gained a reputation for its ability to handle the harshest environments and demanding applications.
With off-road adventures becoming increasingly popular, enthusiasts and professionals alike require a clutch system that can withstand the rigors of intense driving.
The Exedy Safari Tuff is specifically engineered to meet these requirements, offering unparalleled performance and reliability.
One of the key features of the Exedy Safari Tuff is its heavy-duty construction.
Exedy explains that the kit includes an advanced clutch cover, an upgraded clutch disc, and premium bearings.
It says these components are meticulously designed to handle the excessive torque and heat generated during off-road driving, ensuring long-lasting performance.
The clutch disc itself incorporates a high co-efficient friction material , allowing for improved engagement and better power transfer.
This results in enhanced off-road traction and smoother gear changes, giving drivers greater control over their vehicle in challenging terrains, says Exedy.
Further, the advanced damper system is upgraded to handle the torque output of modified vehicles and the clutch cover premium diaphragm provides consistent pedal feel and improved durability, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications.
Another notable feature is the Exedy Safari Tuff’s resistance to heat and wear.
Exedy explains that the clutch kit is designed to dissipate heat effectively, preventing premature wear and ensuring consistent performance even under extreme conditions.
This durability is particularly important in off-road environments, where the clutch is subjected to constant stress and abuse.
Exedy, which explains it is a renowned manufacturer of automotive drivetrain components, says it holds a strong commitment to quality and innovation.
The Safari Tuff clutch kit undergoes rigorous testing and quality control processes to meet the highest industry standards, with Exedy explaining this dedication to excellence has made it a trusted brand among off-road enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.
Exedy states that its Safari Tuff clutch kit offers superior performance and durability for off-road and extreme driving applications, thanks to heavy-duty construction, advanced technologies, and resistance to heat and wear.

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