With this clutch, Exedy says you can “elevate your off-road experience.”

Exedy says that with its Exedy Safari Tuff Clutch, you can unleash the true power of your VDJ Toyota Land Cruiser.
The company says this clutch offers the ultimate solution for off-road enthusiasts and adventurers who are seeking uncompromising performance with the Safari Extra Tuff clutch handling up to 800Nm of engine torque at the flywheel.
Engineered for durability and torque-handling capabilities, Exedy says this clutch kit is your key to conquering the toughest terrains with confidence.
Exedy says its Safari Tuff Clutch boasts a robust design that meets the demands of off-road driving, ensuring reliable performance when you need it most.
Whether you’re navigating rocky trails, powering through mud, or towing heavy loads, this clutch is up to the challenge, says Exedy.
Featuring advanced friction materials and precision engineering, the Exedy Safari Tuff Clutch reportedly delivers enhanced grip and durability, providing a seamless power transfer between your engine and transmission.
With this clutch, Exedy says you can “say goodbye to slippage and hello to responsive control, giving you the edge in any off-road situation.”
Designed specifically for the Toyota Land Cruiser, Exedy states this clutch kit seamlessly integrates with your vehicle, “maintaining the highest standards of quality and compatibility.”
Exedy invites you to upgrade your Land Cruiser’s drivetrain with the Exedy Safari Tuff Clutch and “experience the freedom to explore the great outdoors with unmatched confidence and reliability.”

For more information, visit www.exedy.com.au