Available from Formula 4×4

The Suzuki Jimny Lift Kit from Formula 4×4 is presented as a comprehensive solution to various issues commonly encountered when lifting compact vehicles like the Suzuki Jimny.
Formula 4×4 states this well-designed kit addresses common issues associated with lifting compact vehicles while providing an enhanced driving experience both on and off-road.
Key features of the Formula 4×4 Lift Kit for Suzuki Jimny include:
• Comprehensive design: the kit includes everything necessary for installation and is backed by a five-year unlimited-kilometre warranty.
• Specifically designed for comfort and performance: tailored for both on and off-road conditions and extensively tested in diverse Australian terrains.
• Addressing common issues: driveshaft angle changes at full droop are resolved with a new cross member. Extended diff breathers and brake lines prevent stretching and stress during full droop and caster correction bushes address alignment issues common in lifted solid axle vehicles.
• Shock absorbers: Formula 4×4 shocks are specifically tuned for comfort and performance. They are larger in diameter with increased oil capacity and cooling efficiency and aimed at preventing coil dislocation issues.
• Additional components: OEM headlight module extension brackets to maintain headlight alignment. Also available is an optional airbag kit for handling extra loads, which is especially useful for towing.

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