With 70 percent of Australian businesses being run by families, Auto One is no exception

Many people believe mixing personal and business lives together when running a business is often a recipe for disaster.
However, the data proves that myth wrong. In fact, successful family businesses make up about 70 percent of all businesses in Australia.
Many of these Australian family businesses are run by passionate and determined family teams.
Auto One, an automotive aftermarket business, has many family-owned franchisees within the company and is proud of its thriving parent and child duos who pursue their passion for all things ‘Auto’.
Auto One Midland is one of those stores whose family bond fuels their success and makes their business stronger. Run by Father Jeff, and son Chris, they continue to nurture their automotive passion as a team.
“My father started the business 30 years ago, but I became a partner in early 2010,” Chris said.
“I have grown up around my parents in the auto industry, so it was a natural progression for me to want to join them. That being said, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing but when the roads were rough it made our bond and business even stronger.
“My dad is my idol. We both have different motivations for work. He works harder than anyone I know to provide for the family, and I work my arse off so mum, and dad don’t have to work as hard. We work hard for each other which is why Auto One Midland is so successful.”
Established in 1988, the Auto One group is a champion of the independent network in Australia.
Hosting two banner groups, Auto One and A1 Autoparts, it has more than 80 outlets Australia wide and remains the only independently owned national chain in the automotive parts industry.

For more information and franchise member enquiries, please visit www.autoone.com.au