With the Snap-on Blizzard QTech

Snap-on says it is always innovating and creating solutions for customers, stating that its Air Conditioning units are no exception.
When considering your next investment in Air Conditioning service equipment, an important feature is the ability to pressure test with dry nitrogen.
Just like a vehicle’s engine cooling system, leaks can occur under both positive and negative pressure. Snap-on says this is why it uses vacuum bleeding in conjunction with pressure testers to determine the source of coolant loss.
Air Conditioning systems follow the same principles. O-rings and seals tend to roll in one direction during vacuum and then move in the opposite direction under operating pressure. So, a vacuum leak test is only performing half of the inspection.
Dry Nitrogen can be used in place of refrigerant for the purpose of testing for leaks under pressure. It does not react with refrigerant oil and does not alter its pressure when subjected to changes in temperature, explains Snap-on.
The Snap-on Blizzard QTech IV is equipped with dry nitrogen charging so it’s a simple case of introducing nitrogen into the system once all existing refrigerant has been evacuated.
Snap-on explains that the intuitive prompts on the 7.0-inch display will guide you through the process, stating there is no need to run the engine and compressor – once the system is full. The Blizzard Qtech IV will carry out the pressure test.
If leaks are detected, the machine will give an alarm signal, discharge the nitrogen from the system, and display a system leaks alarm warning. If the Test detects no leaks, the machine will give no warning and discharge the nitrogen.
Snap-on explains that its Blizzard QTech IV is an advanced air-conditioning service unit available in either R134a or HFO-1234yf models.
It states the machines are not only fast, intuitive, and easy to use but amongst the most modern air-conditioning service and re-gassing machines in the market.
Features include Wi-Fi connectivity, a 7.0-inch colour touchscreen, 3.0m hoses, and a 12-litre refillable refrigerant tank.
Snap-on explains that this automatic recovery and charging station offers a unique hybrid functionality that supports electronic-driven compressors and includes the important option to pressure test with forming gas or dry nitrogen.
If you’re looking for the latest Air Conditioning solution that will help your workshop become efficient and productive, Snap-on says the Snap-on Blizzard QTech is the perfect choice.

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