The brand says they are “the best in the business”

For many years, Snap-on says its Starter Kits have been the go-to kit for apprentices or those entering a mechanical trade for the first time.
Snap-on states the Starter Kits provide a complete offering for those who want to get a head start in their trade with a kit they can continue to add to over their career.
Snap-on says the kits provide great value, and “are the best entry level kits available.”
Encased in a 40” roll cab, Snap-on explains the kits are filled with high quality tools that have been selected for the types of jobs technicians will be working on in the first few years of their career.
There is also plenty of space to add new tools or a top chest can be added for even more storage.
The Snap-on Starter Kits also include tool control foams that not only efficiently store your tools, but any unfilled spaces alert you to tools you might have missing at the end of the day.
Snap-on Starter Kits support the diverse needs of general service, automotive or light duty truck service techs; with the brand explaining that extensive consultations with employers, instructors and students were made to find the best mix of tools to help you achieve success in your career with the right set of tools.
Each kit has a core range of tools including sockets, ratchets, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, crimpers and wrenches; and the extended kits add additional pieces depending on the type of work you are doing.
There are four kits in the range:
• 232-piece basic kit,
• 308-piece kit which adds extra sockets,
• 242-piece kit adds extra PPE gear, air impact wrench and other tools to the 232-piece kit,
• 318-piece kit adds extra PPE gear, air impact wrench and other tools to the 308-piece kit.
You can also choose to purchase these kits in two drawer configurations:
• KRA2106 – all full-length drawers
• KRA2212 – one full-length drawer at the top and two banks of drawers below that.
You then have the option of choosing a red, blue, black or grey roll cab. This is especially handy when you aren’t the only tech in the workshop with a Snap-on Starter Kit.
Snap-on invites you to speak to your local Snap-on franchisee today to find out more details about its wide range of Starter Kits and states that financing is available.
“A Snap-on Starter Kit is an investment in your future as well as a great way to make sure that you have all the tools you need to start your career,” says Snap-on.

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