Pedders says its load carrying solutions include everything that is required

From GVM+ Upgrades, heavy-duty springs and uprated airbag suspension kits right down to specialist two and four wheel alignment for load-carrying vehicles, Pedders says its load-carrying range of upgrade products is suited for cars, utes, 4×4/SUV and light commercials.
The Pedders range of load carrying upgrade parts and services consists of:
• GVM+ Upgrades
• Shock Absorbers and Heavy-Duty Springs
• Air Bag Suspension
• Coil Springs and Leaf Springs
• Brake Pads and Brake Rotors
• Rear Drum to Disc Brake Conversion Kits
• Torsion Bars and Suspension Bushes
• Shackle and U Bolt Kits
• Alignment Kits
• Steering Dampers
• Adjustable Panhard Rods
• CV Shafts and Swivel Hub Seal Kits
• Plus a host of additional ancillary products and services
Before choosing a Pedders Load Carrying Solution for your vehicle it is important to determine what type of Load Carrying is going to be undertaken by the vehicle and how often the vehicle will be placed under such loads.
The single most important thing Pedders says it needs to know is what you are planning to carry in your vehicle and what is intended to be carried in the future.
If you aren’t sure where to start, Pedders recommends you consider booking in for a Pedders Tow and Load Assessment, and if you are unsure of the weight the vehicle is carrying, invites you to consider trying out its Weight Matrix.

Pedders GVM+ Upgrades
Pedders says its Federal Government-certified GVM+ upgrades can take your vehicle’s load-carrying capacity to the next level.
A GVM+ upgrade increases the official legal load-carrying capacity of your vehicle, allowing you to carry more weight safely and legally.
A GVM+ Upgrade is a wholistic suspension and brake upgrade that has been designed, engineered, tested and approved to carry additional payload over a standard vehicle.

LoadRyder Onboard Scales
Pedders’ innovative LoadRyder Onboard Scales system provides real-time payload-monitoring capability to a range of popular load-carrying vehicles, providing the driver with accurate vehicle weight metrics.
The system features model-specific calibration to alert the driver when their vehicle is overloaded and beyond its GVM limit.
This information can also be made available to vehicle fleet managers to alert them when one of their vehicles is overloaded and therefore unsafe for drivers and passengers.
Pedders states this system is a world-first and a must-have for major vehicle fleets where OH&S requirements and chain of command has huge relevance.

Wheel Alignment – the Pedders Way
Pedders stores are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and Pedders states that its technicians have expert training to ensure optimum wheel alignment and balance, providing you with improved performance, comfort, fuel economy and extended tyre and suspension component life.
Pedders says its specialist team will setup your load-carrying vehicle with the optimal wheel alignment dependent on the vehicle use, typical load carried and what suspension upgrades have been fitted.

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