A range of new products have been introduced to the market by Aeroflow

Since 2010, Aeroflow Performance Products has grown to design and manufacture close to 13,000 quality products. Amongst the latest releases are the following products.

Engine Finishing Kit to Suit Holden V8
For engine builders focused on the larger components, the small parts are often forgotten until the final stages of engine assembly. Aeroflow says that is why it offers this range of engine hardware finishing kits.
These kits include all of the necessary hardware and components needed to complete a rebuild such as dowel pins, cam bolts, woodruff keys and cam eccentrics. All these parts are crucial to properly assembling your engine.

Oil System Filter Screen Fitting
Aeroflow oil system filter screen fittings have a built-in oil screen filter within the aluminium fitting. This filter screen is designed to stop metal chips and debris from reaching external or dry sump oil systems.
The filter screen itself is made from 304 stainless steel. It uses .015” diameter 16 mesh wire which is course enough to allow thick engine oil through without minimal restriction. Aeroflow recommends you remove this fitting and inspect/clean out the screen every oil change.

Mechanics Gloves
Aeroflow Performance says its mechanic gloves provide the hand protection you need for all tasks.
These gloves are certificated to EN388 safety standards which provide unparalleled comfort and safety for a wide range of general-purpose applications.
Each glove features a specialised breathable nitrile foam palm coating that offers a superior grip while still being able to use an electronic touchscreen at the same time.
This same coating also provides excellent resistance to oils, grease, and abrasions or punctures.
The low linting construction of the gloves means minimal contamination when working and handling components while the seamless knitted liner conforms to your hands, offering a snug yet flexible fit that reduces fatigue during prolonged use.
They are available in both medium or large sizes and sold as a single pair or a pack of 12 pairs.

Replacement Electric Power Window Motors & Switches
Aeroflow Performance now has available replacement power window motors and switches to suit its two-door electric power window kit (AF49-1600).
Replacement electric motors are available in left or right hand operation. Replacement switches are available as a single or dual switch.

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