For over 35 years, Fremax has been manufacturing premium auto parts

Fremax explains that it is Brazil’s largest automotive friction material manufacturer.
Fremax was acquired by Frasle in 2018 and continues to manufacture its products at its Joinville manufacturing plant where it specialises in passenger, utility and small commercial vehicles to over 70 countries.
Fremax says it has gained a reputation for manufacturing, marketing and distributing quality products with high levels of customer service.
Access to world class technology has been one of the keys to the company’s success, says Fremax, which officially entered The Australian and New Zealand market in 2019.
Since then, it has since seen very strong growth in both regions with sales up year on year, explains Steve Kreti and Victor Makrievski, who are responsible for overseeing the product.
Fremax explains that its core success comes down to its unique technologies and manufacturing processes that enhance its strength and increase the durability of the parts.
All Fremax brake discs and drums are manufactured with high-carbon metal alloy – carbon at higher levels dissipates heat efficiently in the brake system, which ensures better braking performance and a longer brake life.
The innovative paint used on Fremax parts reportedly offers increased protection against rust, in addition to preserving the aesthetics of the product and the vehicle.
Further, Fremax says that its unique protective oil does not contaminate the pads and does not require cleaning, ensuring a much more practical, faster and more secure application.
Finally, the concentric grooved finish ensures better and faster seating of the brake pads or linings, which Fremax says significantly reduces noises and vibrations after brake maintenance.

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