Newly launched by BAPCOR

Australasia’s largest automotive aftermarket specialised company, BAPCOR, is excited to announce the launch of Revival Auto Parts – a brake restoration specialist business.
Once falling under AAD’s remanufacturing division, Revival Auto Parts now has its own workshop in Derrimut in Victoria and a dedicated workshop team.
BAPCOR says Revival Auto Parts is all about “Quality Workmanship, Built with Passion,” stating that Manager Kent Davey and his team love cars and thrive on restoring brake components.
Kent and his team have honed their skills to restore the widest range of brake parts from old to latest specification.
Fitted with state of the art testing facilities and equipment, the team repairs and recondition parts to original specifications or to specific customer requirements.
Covering passenger, commercial and agricultural vehicles, Revival Auto Parts’ remanufacturing capabilities reportedly cover the widest range of brake parts including:
• ABS combination brake units found in Toyota Landcruisers, Prado and Mitsubishi Pajero brake boosters.
• Brand new VH40, VH44 and Ford brake boosters.
• Brand new master cylinders (huge range).                              
• Braided and rubber brake lines.                                                                     
• Truck air compressors.
• Brake calipers.
• Master cylinders.
• Slave and wheel cylinders.

For more information, visit or call 03 869 1345 or visit 7 East Derrimut Cres, Derrimut (VIC).