ADRAD offers hundreds of oil coolers to suit a wide array of applications

When a vehicle frequently works harder than average, it needs better than average cooling.
This applies especially to the transmission cooling system, which can vary in design depending on the vehicle manufacturer and location of the oil cooler.
Failure to improve the cooling performance can result in overheating, oil degradation, extra wear and eventually premature failure of the transmission.
ADRAD explains that it offers hundreds of oil coolers to suit passenger vehicles, SUVs, 4x4s, trucks, heavy equipment and more. Brands include ADRAD, Delphi, Daiwa, MAHLE, Setrab and Dana Tru Cool.
Depending on the original transmission oil cooler design and location, it may be possible to upgrade the existing unit.
This could involve replacing the heat exchanger with something larger or increasing the air flow to the standard cooler (with a shroud or fan).
In many instances, an auxiliary oil cooler is the easiest and most effective way to deliver improved cooling performance.
Auxiliary oil coolers come in various shapes and sizes along with options for adding cooling fans so it is important to choose correctly to achieve the desired performance and durability.
ADRAD notes it has a wealth of experience as a manufacturer of heat exchangers, so if you need advice on selecting the ideal product for your requirement, it invites you to give them a call.
If you can’t find a suitable off-the-shelf oil cooler, ADRAD says it can custom manufacture exactly what you need to match the size, shape, pressure and cooling performance specifications involved. Oil coolers and radiators can even be combined together into a single unit.
These products are all available across Australia and are supported by ADRAD’s national warranty and distribution network

For details of your nearest stockist, please contact ADRAD on 1800 882 043 or enquire at customerservice@adrad.com.au