Allowing you to “light the way with unparalleled performance,” says Hella

Hella Australia, a leader in automotive lighting solutions, has launched its latest range of Black Magic light bars.
With a commitment to innovation and delivering superior products, Hella says it has once again raised the bar with this exceptional range of light bars.
Combining cutting-edge technology, robust construction, and outstanding performance, Hella says the Black Magic light bars are set to revolutionise the driving journey, on and off-road.
The latest Black Magic light bar range is engineered to provide unrivalled performance in even the most demanding conditions.
Equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology, Hella says these light bars deliver an impressive output of lumens (up to 20,000), ensuring exceptional brightness and long-range visibility.
Whether traversing rugged terrains or navigating through challenging weather conditions, Hella says the Black Magic light bars provide drivers with enhanced safety and confidence wherever their journey takes them.
Ideally suited to the harsh Australian landscape, Hella says its Black Magic light bars are built tough, to withstand extreme conditions.
Constructed with high-quality materials and featuring robust housing, these light bars are resistant to shocks, vibrations, and water ingress.
The Black Magic range has been engineered to exceed the Hella Rallye Standard, repelling dust and water under harsh vibration and ensuring durability and reliability for every adventure, no matter how rough the terrain.
Additionally, the range offers a wide variety of options to suit different driver needs.
Available in various lengths and beam patterns, these light bars can be customised to provide optimal lighting solutions for different applications, from long-distance spot beams for high-speed highway driving to broader beam mountainous or coastal applications.
Hella also states that its wide-angle flood beams for reversing, rock-crawling, tray illumination or task lighting for camping or working scenarios, ensures the Black Magic ranges offer versatility and flexibility to cater to diverse requirements.
Hella notes that its dedication to user experience is evident in the user-friendly design of these light bars, with easy installation and adjustable mounting brackets making fitting these light bars a hassle-free process.
Additionally, the low-profile design and sleek aesthetics of the Black Magic range seamlessly integrate with the aesthetics of different vehicles, enhancing their overall appearance.
With “their unparalleled performance, durability, versatility, and user-friendly design,” Hella states that its latest Black Magic light bars “set a new standard in the industry.”

For more information, contact info.au@hella.com or 1800 061 729 or visit www.hella.com