High-voltage measurements for Electric and Hybrid vehicles

With the number of electric vehicles on the rise, workshops face the demanding need to equip themselves with tools and knowledge to efficiently service these advanced vehicles.
Understanding the fundamentals and makeup of electric vehicles and the complexity involved will stand workshops in good stead for EV maintenance and repairs.
An electric vehicle is largely developed around the HV battery, which becomes the most expensive component.  
The Hella Gutmann MT-HV not only ensures a secure working environment for mechanics, but also facilitates advanced diagnostics in collaboration with the mega macs X.
Hella Gutmann says it provides a proactive investment for workshops, positioning them as leaders in the industry, future-proofing their operations, and demonstrating a commitment to safety, adaptability, and excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of automotive service.
As EVs become an integral part of the automotive future, Hella Gutmann says the MT-HV stands as a bridge, connecting workshops to the forefront of EVs.

Integration with Hella Gutmann mega macs X
Developed in tandem with the Hella Gutmann mega macs X diagnostic unit, the MT-HV is designed to complement the diagnostic device, fostering a seamless and integrated workflow.
Hella Gutmann says this collaboration provides users with easy access to crucial vehicle-specific details, including procedures, measuring points, and target values, enhancing the precision of diagnostics. 

Advanced measurement capabilities
Equipped to handle the unique challenges of high-voltage systems in electric and hybrid vehicles, the MT-HV offers a spectrum of measurement capabilities.
This includes high-voltage measurements up to 1,000 Volts, insulation resistance measurements with variably adjustable test voltage, and potential equalisation measurements on HV components and resistance measurements.
Further, Hella Gutmann says it covers a comprehensive range of diagnostic needs, across a range of vehicle makes and models. 

Safety-first approach with high-voltage test leads and probes
Prioritising safety, the MT-HV includes high-voltage test leads and probes designed explicitly for secure high-voltage measurements.
Featuring safety elements like a manual operating button, Hella Gutmann explains these black/red leads with an extra-large contactor ensure reliability throughout the measurement process. 

Guided Measurements for precision
The ‘Guided Measurement’ function takes users through step-by-step instructions, offering both safety and precision in every measurement.
Additionally, it stores documentation of voltage disconnection in the car history, accessible via the mega macs X database for future reference. 
Overall, Hella Gutmann says its MT-HV is not just a technological solution; but a massive safety advancement in how mechanics and technicians safely approach high-voltage measurements in the era of electric and hybrid vehicles.
With seamless integration, advanced capabilities, and user-friendly features, Hella Gutmann says the MT-HV paves the way for confident and efficient automotive diagnostics. 

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