Australian seatbelt expert, Hemco Industries, will be on-site at Autocare

Hemco Industries has been manufacturing aftermarket seatbelts since the early 1950s.
From the early 1970s the business has made its home in Ballarat, Australia, and has grown and diversified to include business divisions of Seatbelts, Health Equipment, Warehousing and Transport.
Hemco Seatbelts has a wide variety of replacement seatbelts for modern vehicles, general purpose seatbelts for retrofit to older vehicles, and specialised seatbelts suitable for use with industrial vehicles, mining vehicles, military vehicles, recreational Go-Karts and self-propelled vehicles.
Hemco’s Seatbelt Division manufactures a range of general purpose (AS/NZS-2596) and special purpose (ADR4) seatbelts in a wide variety of colours.
It states that its seatbelts can be matched to an assortment of fixed length webbing buckles, adjustable webbing buckles, cable stalks, and rigid buckles.
Its range includes the following:
• General Purpose Seatbelts: all seatbelts for on road use must be certified to AS/NZS2596 or ADR4. This is a category of seatbelt aimed mainly at retrofitting to older vehicles. Note that a General Purpose seatbelt cannot be used in a seating position which is fitted with Airbags.
• Aftermarket Seatbelts: Hemco Industries can provide a range of aftermarket Static Lap Seatbelts, Static Lap/Sash Seatbelts, Retracting Lap and Lap/Sash Seatbelts and also offers a range of seatbelts made to order.
• Webbing Colour Options: Hemco currently has a large range of coloured webbing options to choose from, and offers a free webbing sample pack.
Hemco explains that “our products are produced to the highest specification in Australia. Choosing the correct seatbelt is essential to ensure your safety.”

To learn more, visit Hemco Industries at Autocare at Stand 21, or email sales@hemco.com.au