With Bosch batteries from CoolDrive

CoolDrive Auto Parts has expanded its offerings from Bosch, welcoming a number of its automotive batteries to the shelves.
Now available from CoolDrive branches and online is the proven Bosch SM Mega Power Plus (S4) battery, which CoolDrive Auto Parts says is renowned for its reliability and ability to meet the electrical demands of a wide range of passenger vehicles.
Offering a long service life, the SM Mega Power Plus delivers optimal performance to ensure maximum current flow and high cranking power for outputs such as Multimedia players, parking distance control, lane change warnings and active suspension.
CoolDrive also offers the Bosch SM Mega Power Silver battery (S5), which it says is “the optimal choice for prestige vehicles, exceeding all international standards set by their manufacturers.”
The SM Mega Power Silver battery is said to deliver maximum performance and a long service life, with the optimised silver alloy increasing connectivity for a higher charge acceptance.
This stable design structure with silver technology supports additional safety features such as ESP and ABS, with the silver alloy grid reducing corrosion rate and decreasing self-discharge.

For further information, visit or visit your local branch.