Exhaust repairs made easy

The Holts range, including the Holts Gun Gum, is available through Filpro Automotive.
Representatives for the brand say that since its founder, Douglas Holt, first started selling car parts in 1919, Holts has been committed to helping drivers maintain their cars.
After spending time working for Austin Motor Company during the war, Douglas had learnt about cars and mechanics and opened a small spare parts store.
After a trip to the US, Douglas recognised a gap in the UK market and returned home to focus his business towards chemical products.
Over the years he continued to invent and search for new ways to solve every day problems encountered by drivers, using his own experience as a driver and creating products as a response to problems he had faced.
A repair to his exhaust saw the introduction of Gun Gum; a gum developed to seal holes.
The Gun Gum Exhaust System Repair range makes for a convenient, quick and easy repair tool: whether it is in the driveway or on a remote adventure across the outback.
Holts Gun Gum products are guaranteed to give a permanent gas tight seal but are an effective solution for a running repair until a workshop can be reached for a replacement; preventing further damage and inefficient running of the engine, especially on long distance, remote trips or those unforgiving 4×4 tracks amongst Australia’s harshest outback terrain.
Gun Gum Paste is specially developed to give gas-tight seals for repairing leaks in the exhaust system, whilst the Gun Gum Repair Bandage can be used for wrapping small holes, by wetting the bandage before applying, then allowing to dry and harden.
Holts says it is constantly innovating to ensure its products meet the needs of modern vehicles; with over 100 years of commitment to keeping vehicles on the road.

For further information regarding the Holts range, visit www.filpro.com.au or phone 08 8193 9675.