Hayman Reese says it is the smart choice for those looking for solutions to common towing problems

With over 70 years of experience, Hayman Reese occupies a unique place in the automotive aftermarket.
With a history than can be traced back to the 1950s when vehicles were only just starting to tow trailers and caravans, Hayman Reese is now an industry leader in providing leading technology to support the very latest generation of vehicles.
Hayman Reese says it has continued to innovate and revolutionise the way we tow, and this ingenuity has led to market first products like its Smartclick Wiring Solutions for quick wiring installation, SmartPin for reduced rattle from the towbar, and now, SmartCODE – an intelligent towing solution.

SmartCODE – for smart cars
With increasingly sophisticated technology being added to new vehicles, manufacturers are enabling system changes to occur on some vehicles when towing.
Functions such as power train and engine management complement driver aid functions such as reverse Park Assist, Blind Spot Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control Deactivation, and Sway Mitigation Systems – all are examples of vehicle functions that may change when a vehicle is towing.
Activating all of the manufacturer’s pre-programmed changes is a complex process, requiring advanced technology as each vehicle has a specific solution.
In addition to the towbar, vehicle specific wiring and an Electronic Control Unit (ECU), smart vehicles need to be programmed to allow full integration into the vehicle’s operating system, a process referred to as coding.
A Hayman Reese SmartCODE solution involves multiple elements:
• A Hayman Reese towbar – engineered and ADR compliant.
• A Hayman Reese vehicle specific wiring loom – this transfers power for lighting and signals from your vehicle.
• An Electronic Control Unit – with embedded software designed to integrate seamlessly into your vehicle’s operating system.
• The Hayman Reese SmartCODE – the coding solution that ensures your vehicle will deliver the manufacturer’s designed changes when towing.

Raising the technology bar for the all-new Ford Ranger
With the arrival of the all-new Ford Ranger MY22 in showrooms across the country there are expectations that it will be more popular than ever, setting new standards in many aspects.
Hayman Reese has released standard and recovery rated X-BAR towbar solutions to suit both the Cab-Chassis and Pick-Up variants of the new Ranger and in doing so, is providing a first to market complete solution.
The products have been engineered, designed and tested to AS/NZS4177 in a NATA accredited facility.
Hayman Reese also states that it always ensures its towbars are set apart in the market and compatible with its Weight Distribution Systems (WDH).
While the physical nature of the towbar is essential, the technology which enables it to interact with the vehicle is critical – and this is where SmartCODE comes in.

Seamless vehicle integration with Hayman Reese SmartCODE
The new Ranger delivers ‘Next-Gen’ Ford technology focusing on driver assist aids in many areas, including adaptive cruise control, lane keeping aid and evasive steer assist to name a few.
An improved towing technology offered by a ‘trailer coverage’ feature is a safety feature of the Ranger which allows a trailer profile to be added to the vehicle SYNC system.
It delivers blind spot detection features (on vehicles where equipped), even with a trailer attached.
A trailer Light Check function is also delivered by the SYNC system, offering a safe and easy way to check all trailer light functions before towing.
These are now in addition to the standard changes engaged when towing such as variations in engine and drive-train functions.
Making sure the towbar solution enables all of the Ranger features requires the wiring and trailer ECU module to be a vehicle specific design and feature the correct CANbus software programme.
Hayman Reese explains that a critical part to ensuring the vehicle recognises the towbar installation is vehicle coding, ensuring that all individual modules in the vehicle that interact with the trailer module are programmed to recognise that the correct trailer module (and towbar) are now fitted.
This coding process is supported by The Hayman Reese SmartCODE handset which can quickly and correctly program the new Ranger as offered during OEM dealer installation.
With a complete Hayman Reese SmartCODE solution, Hayman Reese says the New Ranger Next-Gen capability is fully supported delivering a market leading solution.

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