The new MT64 is said to be “the ultimate all-round shock absorber”

ARB’s leading off road suspension systems brand, Old Man Emu, has released a new shock absorber line designed specifically for the rigors of off road travel.
The MT64 slots in between the brand’s iconic Nitrocharger and ultra-high-performance adjustable BP-51. MT64 is designed to be a great shock for daily-driver duties as well as touring adventures.

An all-round specialist
Touring often means long distances and heavier loads, so Old Man Emu took features from 45 years of Nitrocharger production and 10 years of high performance BP-51 manufacturing and combined them into the MT64.
While the Nitrocharger is a reliable set-and-forget upgrade from OE shocks, and the BP-51 offers adjustability with remote reservoirs and the ability to run all day in the desert, MT64 fits in between, taking attributes from both and combining them in one monotube shock.
The MT64 dampers are engineered to handle heavy loads, long distances, rough roads, and heat — making them ideal for off road adventures.
Old Man Emu says MT64 resets the bar on everyday comfort, whilst providing excellent responsiveness whether towing on the pavement or tackling technical terrain off road.

Real (off) road research
Before a single shock absorber was built, Old Man Emu’s in-house engineers simulated real world conditions using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on a computer.
This showed them potential weak points in the design so they could build in maximum strength and durability from the start.
During the MT64 shock absorber’s field testing, OME suspension engineers collected a wide range of data. They fed this information into two test rigs at their facility in Melbourne, Australia.
With prototype shock absorbers bolted into the test vehicles, Old Man Emu’s team ran them through millions of cycles to simulate real world conditions.

Durable construction, all-around comfort
Old Man Emu explains that the MT64 showcases the same stout 6061 aluminium construction as the premium BP-51 models, complete with a hard anodised finish to protect the shock’s surface.
These monotube shocks have large 72mm bodies and large bores. This big bore lets the shocks have more oil, and more oil equates to increased heat dissipation and responsiveness, especially when combined with the aluminium body.
Old Man Emu says that “with unmatched comfort and reliability, the MT64 will keep performing as the road gets rough and the track gets tough.”
MT64 has height adjustability from 0 to 76mm (depending on application) using snap-ring groves in the body providing different spring seat positions, yet only uses one spring. For maximum durability, the spring seat is made from ultra-strong forged aluminium.
Additionally, buyers can choose between light, medium, and heavy-duty spring options ensuring they get the optimal setup for their vehicles. Plus, when the time comes, the MT64 is rebuildable.
The MT64 is currently available for Ford Ranger Next-Gen and Amarok, Toyota HiLux 2015+, Prado 150 2010+, FJ Cruiser, LC 70 Series, plus Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner, with other applications to follow.

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