If you’re a four-wheel driving enthusiast, you know how important it is to have reliable brakes

The last thing you want is your brakes to fail when you are driving over harsh terrain, located far away from civilisation.
Big brake kits provide a safer braking system for many 4WDs and can make a remarkable difference in both stopping power and distance.

What are big brakes?
Big brakes are an upgrade to your vehicle’s braking system. The kits consist of larger brake discs, calipers, and pads.
The larger discs and calipers provide more surface area for the brake pads to grip onto, resulting in better stopping power. This allows your vehicle’s braking system to be more responsive, stop quicker, and over a shorter distance.

How do big brakes work?
Big brakes work by increasing the braking force that can be applied to the wheels. When you press down on the brake pedal, the calipers squeeze the brake pads against the discs, creating friction that slows down the wheels.
With bigger discs and calipers, the pads have more surface area to grip onto, allowing for increased braking force to be applied. This allows the vehicle to stop sooner and safer.

Are big brake kits worth it?
Pedders says upgrading to a big brake kit is worth it, especially if you use your 4WD for off-road driving or load carrying applications.
The increased stopping power will give you more control over your vehicle, which can be a lifesaver when braking quickly in traffic or out on the tracks.
Additionally, upgrading to a big brake kit can help reduce brake wear and tear, which mainly occurs when the brakes get too hot and lose effectiveness.
As four-wheel drivers, we like to push our vehicles to the limits, beyond those of which the manufacturer intended. In staying with the original braking system, you may be putting yourself and your vehicle at risk if utilising your vehicle in extreme off-roading or load-carrying situations, says Pedders.
Without sufficient braking power, you may not be able to stop your vehicle in time to avoid a collision. Additionally, worn-out brakes can cause your vehicle to fail roadworthy and police inspections, resulting in expensive fines and legal trouble.

Big Brake Kits at Pedders
Pedders offers TrakRyder eXtreme Big Brake Kits ideal for vehicles used to tow or carry heavy loads or 4×4 enthusiasts, offering a serious increase in stopping power and a significant reduction in braking distances.
The kit is available for many popular 4×4 models and comes in both front and rear upgrade packages depending on the model.
Each kit includes high-performance large-diameter slotted and geomet-coated front brake rotors, “monster” six-pot two-piece aluminium brake calipers with forged pistons, Pedders Kevlar Ceramic Brake Pads and Braided Brake Lines.

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