Now with a seven-year, full replacement warranty

As a relatively new brand among the masses of batteries in the lithium battery industry, Invicta says it has quickly established itself as a leader and is becoming renowned for its high-quality product, excellent customer service, and technical knowledge.
Further to this and to prove a point that its lithium batteries are among the best and most reliable, Invicta has recently unveiled a “market first” seven-year full replacement warranty on its deep-cycle range.
Invicta notes that this is not an extended warranty that you need to buy or a pro-rata warranty.
Instead, it states the Invicta seven-year warranty is “exactly what it says it is and is unheard of until now.”
Invicta says it can provide this level of warranty because its deep cycle batteries have undergone a rigorous testing regime that has proven it is manufactured using the highest quality components available.
This testing has included real-world independent cycle testing and IEC Certification, some of which are reportedly the first to be completed in today’s market.
The real-world testing, which continues to this day, has kept the battery in continuous discharge and charge for over three years.

Invicta says this resulted in the battery completing over two cycles per day and easily surpassing its claimed 2000 cycles some time ago.
In addition, Invicta says the battery and its cells have also undergone IEC Certification to ensure it can operate safely and that its performance is true to what is being advertised.
Invicta lithium batteries are available in a wide range of sizes from 12V – 48V with Bluetooth monitoring and are said to be perfect for a range of applications, including 4WD, Caravan, Marine and Industrial.
Built to withstand the harsh and rugged Australian environment, they feature aluminium encased prismatic cells and a robust internal design with integrated BMS, solid busbar connectors and a strengthening frame for complete confidence.
Invicta is supported and developed by SPB, a company which says it has more than 25 years in the battery business and boasts a highly knowledgeable technical team lead by Director and Electrical Engineer, Ryan Hammond.
SPB says this combination of proven success in the industry and battery knowledge ensures resellers and customers can be confident they’re getting a product that they can rely on today, tomorrow and many years to come.

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