Providing “state of the art” brake, suspension, alignment and weight distribution data

The European engineered SafeTstop system performs technologically advanced testing so you can best evaluate the safety and efficiency of the vehicle entrusted to you.
Those behind the product state it delivers an accuracy-proven method of measuring a vehicle’s braking performance.
The SafeTstop tests are performed at walking pace, inside the service centre/workshop, limiting the need for technicians to test drive vehicles on public roads.
SafeTstop incorporates a test date and time stamp and what SafeTstop describes as a “world-first” Photo-Proof feature, taking a photo of the vehicle whilst it is being tested.
The test measures the brake force on each individual wheel and calculates brake imbalances which may lead to dangerous emergency braking problems.
SafeTstop detects wheel alignment drag which can cause excessive tyre wear – when correctly aligned you can achieve improved fuel efficiency and reduced tyre wear. Shock absorber performance can also be assessed.
The track, underlying Sensors and low voltage data cables are water resistant, while the Stainless-steel Top Grip Plates are designed to be Slip proof when wet.
SafeTstop says it can even accommodate an all-outdoor system which includes waterproofed monitors and lockable security cabinets for all peripheral components.
The System requires one standard double 240v PowerPoint, so no three-phase special power or electrical contractors are required.
Tested by the Adelaide University’s Automotive Safety Research Centre and Government Approved, Plate Brake testing is increasingly becoming a far more popular alternative to conventional Brake Test methods.
SafeTstop says this is due to not only the accuracy, measurement speed, and the ease of use these tests offer, but also the greatly improved safety offered by removing the need for technicians to perform regulatory brake testing on vehicles on public roads.
There are also benefits of reducing demands on time and staff and improved legal compliance/reduced insurance risks.
SafeTstop has been implemented at more than 1400 Locations in Australia and New Zealand, including independent mechanical workshops, large dealership groups, Government organisations, TAFE institutes, and Victorian Fire Services as well as waste and recycling companies such as JR Richards, bus operators and freight companies.

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