AutoTest’s Headlight Align ensures vehicles meet the necessary standards

Headlights are not just an accessory for vehicles; they are an essential and mandatory component ensuring road safety, especially in low-light conditions.
Proper headlight aiming and usage is critical to enhance visibility and comply with legal obligations.
Drivers must adhere to certain regulations concerning the use of headlights to maintain safety on the road, including avoiding lights that dazzle other road users; refraining from using high beams when vehicles are nearby; and proper use of fog lights based on specific weather conditions. Drivers also have legal obligations regarding headlight maintenance and replacement.
Newer vehicles come equipped with daytime running lights, enhancing vehicle visibility, and reducing the risk of accidents, especially during the day.
Not all headlights are created equal. Modern vehicles often incorporate powerful LED headlights, while some drivers opt for aftermarket LED bulbs. However, incorrect installation can result in hazardous glare for oncoming drivers.

The AutoTest Headlight Align
Proper headlight alignment is crucial for optimum visibility and to prevent blinding oncoming drivers. Misaligned headlights can compromise safety, making correct alignment essential.
To ensure accurate headlight alignment, AutoTest says its Headlight Align stands as a reliable and professional beam aligner suitable for various headlamp types.
AutoTest says that by being packed with features such as a laser pointer, digital lux meter, and manual optic alignment visor, it aids in precise headlight aiming.

AutoTest: ensuring roadworthy compliance
AutoTest says investing in accurate alignment tools like the AutoTest Headlight Align ensures vehicles meet the necessary standards, contributing to safer journeys for all road users.
AutoTest is Australian made and owned, and says it is the only quality, locally owned and accredited roadworthy equipment manufacturer in Australia.
With a focus on developing testing and diagnostic instruments, AutoTest says its invests in research and product development and its in-house product designers and engineers are consistently at the forefront of developments.
AutoTest says accredited, roadworthy compliant testing products is its number one priority for all of its automotive diagnostic products.
Many AutoTest products have NATA accreditation and are designed to Australian Standards and Design Rules.

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