An Australian exclusive vehicle dent prevention solution has been launched

Those behind the ‘No Ding’ product says it is the ultimate and original car door protector.
No Ding says it is a passionate Australian company with a love of cars, stating that it is all about keeping your car safe from dings, dents, and scratches.
It states that its No Ding product is the result of years of research and development, and says it is proud to offer what it calls “the only true car door protector of its kind” in the market.
No Ding is said to be a revolutionary car door protector which has been designed to withstand impacts and prevent dings, dents, and scratches from occurring on car doors.
It is typically made from a blend of complex durable composite high-quality materials that are applied to your vehicle and provides a layer of protection.
No Ding says the product is intended to be a practical and cost-effective solution for keeping your car looking new and free from unsightly damage.
Further, it says the No Ding car door protector is more than just a practical solution for car owners – stating that it is also an innovative marketing opportunity.
The printable area on the No Ding product can double as an innovative signage area for businesses that have commercial branding or advertising applications.
No Ding says its products enable companies to utilise the product in a two-pronged manner, being a Car Door Protector and a brand-new inventive Marketing Platform.
Further, the company says the benefits of No Ding are significant, explaining that aside from being “a game-changer” for the auto industry, it will “save millions to insurance companies, provide value-add opportunities to Car Dealerships and Car Manufacturers, open new markets for mass Auto Retailers and Rental companies, not to mention Corporate Marketing companies, general retailers and more.”
Also available from No Ding is the Bump Buddy. No Ding states this is another “first of its kind” product, which doesn’t require any type of glue or stick-on substance to apply to the vehicle.
The Bump Buddy uses composite materials to be robust and withstand hard bumps when in contact with brick walls and other hard surfaces, while being gentle against other vehicles.
With its patented design, you can just simply slide it on the edge of any car door as you feel the need to do so. Or you can just leave it on your car, it is up to you. No Ding says it is “a perfect solution.”
No Ding welcomes retailers, distributors and partners to participate in the launch of No Ding, and states that OEM enquiries are also welcome.

For more information, contact No Ding direct on 02 8610 4600 or or visit