The company is undertaking a network-wide solar and EV push

With sustainable action in 2023 set to be every bit as hot a topic as recent years, and with EV adoption due to grow in Australia in the coming years, Jax Tyres and Auto says it is stepping up to play its part for the automotive industry.
To this end, the tyre and service specialist has announced it is launching a new network-wide initiative to outfit all of its structurally capable stores with solar panels and EV charging stations.
Under the scheme, Jax Tyres and Auto says it will work closely with franchisees to support them with the cost of the installations, while ensuring all equipment meets the highest standards of quality and safety to support long-term sustainability.
The scheme, designed to make renewable energy adoption affordable for its network of franchisees, will deliver significant carbon reductions, with the annual CO2 emissions projected to be abated at Jax Tyres and Auto’s North Clyde store alone, set to reach up to 27.3 tonnes per year.
“Renewable energy, and solar in particular, are set to play a significant part in our commitment to helping franchisees reduce the carbon footprint of their businesses, while placing them in a financially stronger position for the long-term,” Jax Tyres and Auto Chief Executive Officer, Steve Grossrieder, said.
“We have partnered with RACV Solar, one of Australia’s most experienced solar energy providers, to deliver trusted and quality solar solutions to our network of franchisees.
“We know our franchisees believe in sustainability and place it high on the agenda as do their customers, and we look forward to working with as many of them as we can in 2023 to power their efforts to go green.”
RACV Solar has partnered with Jax Tyres and Auto to provide the solar panels and batteries.
“We’re pleased to partner with Jax Tyres and Auto to install solar panels and batteries on their retail sites along the eastern seaboard, with the site in Clyde North, Melbourne, being the first of many in this ambitious rollout,” RACV Solar Chief Executive Officer, Andy McCarthy, said.
“Jax Tyres and Auto is taking a proactive position on a cleaner energy future, one that will not only deliver value back to their franchisees through saving on their electricity costs, but also improve the sustainability of their operations.
“A project like this demonstrates the way organisations are using the power of the sun to enhance their business strategies and help the environment at the same time.”
Jax Tyres and Auto says it is gearing up for a sustainable future and as such, in addition to solar panels and EV chargers, Jax is looking forward to introducing Hankook’s new generation iON EV tyres in April, stating this will ensure the best performance possible for electric vehicles.

For more information, visit www.jaxtyres.com.au