A wide range of products are available now through HPP Lunds

Many companies worldwide are finding the supply of silicone is becoming difficult, but American-based JB Weld says it has no supply problems and states the company’s strong ties with its Australian distributor, HPP Lunds, means the large range of JB Weld Silicones remain on shelves now and into the future.
JB Weld uses 100 percent silicone for its product range which it says is ideal for gaskets because it has very low shrinkage when cured, and the material remains compliant without being hard or brittle. It is also resistant to gas, diesel, oil and other automotive fluids, so it won’t disintegrate over time.

Products include:
• Ultimate Black RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanized) is commonly used in OEM applications and has a higher resistance to heat with maximum oil resistance, high flexibility and it is sensor safe. Suitable for sumps, valve covers, timing gear covers and transmission pans.
• Ultimate Grey RTV is for high torque uses like intake manifolds where high torque loads are applied to the sealant. This sealant is more flexible when cured and remains oil resistant. It is temperature resistant to 260ºC and is sensor safe.
• Hi Temp Red RTV is designed for use in mechanical assemblies where the existence of higher, continuous temperatures up to 288ºC or 343ºC intermittent might exist. Upon curing the silicone forms a tough, waterproof seal on most surfaces. It will not shrink or crack, resists weathering and is sensor safe.
• Copper RTV is three times more oil resistant than conventional silicones and designed to resist the high operating temperatures of turbocharged or high-performance engines. It is also designed for use in mechanical assemblies where high torque or closely spaced bolt profiles can lead to higher loads and cause gasket and sealing failures for average silicones.
• Blue RTV is a general-purpose silicone. Uses include sumps and water pumps as it is waterproof, flexible and does not shrink. It is also very useful for mechanical assembly bonding of uneven surfaces.
• Black RTV is a general-purpose product used for sealing a variety of metals, rubber and glass. It has high flexibility and is waterproof and is also very useful for mechanical assembly bonding of uneven surfaces.
• White RTV is a general-purpose silicone for use in mechanical assembly applications and forms a tough, waterproof, mildew and mould resistant seal.
• Clear RTV is good to use where you don’t want the product to be easily seen such as sealing windscreens. It works on ceramics, cloth, carpet, glass, rubber and metals.

While JB Weld RTV silicone is ideal for permanent seals it can also be used in applications where repeated removal is necessary, such as valve covers.

For more information visit www.hpplunds.com.au or call Ben Leonard on 07 3722 1111.