From Australian Clutch Services

Australian Clutch Services (ACS) says it continues to provide the complete clutch solution to its customers around the world.
With an emphasis on delivering the most comprehensive clutch kits in the market, ACS says its team is constantly reviewing vehicle applications to ensure that common components within the clutch system are incorporated into their range.
This philosophy is carried across all of ACS’ leading brands including ClutchPro, Xtreme Clutch, Xtreme Outback, AG Clutch and ClutchPro Commercial.
ACS clutch kits are structured into four different stages with varying components included in each, ensuring customers can purchase the kit best suited to their requirements.
Availability of each kit is vehicle specific depending on the components required for that application. The four stages include:
• Standard Series: Pressure plate, friction disc (plus release bearing where required)
• 400 Series: Pressure plate, friction disc and concentric slave cylinder
• 500 Series: Pressure plate, friction disc and flywheel (plus release bearing where required)
• 600 Series: Pressure plate, friction disc, concentric slave cylinder and flywheel

In addition to the various kit options, ACS includes an alignment tool and spigot bearing where required in their ClutchPro Plus kits and across the performance range.
“We are always looking for ways to add value to our clutch kit range,” ACS Sales Manager, Colin Jevons, said.
“Our kits are developed to offer a complete solution to customers and provide everything they need in the one box.
“This delivers a significant benefit to workshops who are looking to save time and ensures that the critical clutch system components are replaced whilst the clutch assembly itself is being installed.”
In addition to the existing comprehensive kit stages, ACS includes critical components for specific vehicle applications.

“With our experience in the industry, we often come across vehicles that require additional components to be added to the kits, so we look to provide these when required,” Colin said.
“One of the most common additional components we add are flywheel bolts which we add to kits when the vehicle left the factory with torque to yield flywheel bolts as standard.”
ACS also offers a comprehensive range of individual clutch system components such as hydraulics and accessories.
“Our hydraulics and accessories program enables us to offer the complete solution to our customers,” Colin said.
“The program includes a comprehensive range of clutch hydraulics such as master cylinders, slave cylinders, braided and standard clutch lines, boosters and dampers.
“In addition to this, we also offer accessories such as replacement clutch forks, pivot balls, fork boots, guide tubes and cables. These components are available individually with popular components stocked around the country throughout our warehousing network.”

ACS says its focus on providing the most comprehensive clutch solutions possible has been a major factor in the successful growth of their brands.
“Our kits have been developed to offer the best solution to our customers and vehicle owners,” Colin said.
“We offer a complete boxed clutch solution that includes everything down to spline grease to ensure that workshops can save time and improve efficiency.
“It is this constant development and thought process which has made our ClutchPro brand so beneficial for the trade. We will continue to evolve this concept with the addition of even more comprehensive kits in new vehicles fitted with the latest technology including DCT.”

For more information on the ACS range of products, please visit or
call 1800 CLUTCH (258 824).