The company has released a range of accessories for the Next-Generation Ford Ranger

For the past two years, Mountain Top’s engineers and R&D department have been working closely with Ford’s product development team to design, validate and manufacture a range of accessories for the Next-Generation Ford Ranger.
Mountain Top says its resulting range suits the various Australian, European, and International standards used in vehicle homologation around the world.
During the last 15 years, Mountain Top says its close relationship with Ford has enabled its team to develop products for eight global markets, including production-level and licensed dealer fit accessories.
For the Next Generation Ford Ranger, Mountain Top has designed, tested, and developed five new products that adhere strictly to the Ford Licensed Accessories guidelines: EVOe – Electric Roll cover; EVOm – Manual Roll cover; Cargo Carriers/Carry Bars; Bed Divider; and a Cargo Slide.
“We have a strong commitment to delivering high-quality products that are built to last, incorporating innovative designs and strategies that are efficient and sustainable,” Mountain Top Managing Director, Australia, Matthew Greenhill, said.
“We are motivated to reduce our carbon footprint as a global organisation and manufacture products with restricted substances to encourage recyclability. Being ISO14001 certified, we’re proud to commit to the UN’s global compact and demonstrate continuous improvements in the impact we create for tomorrow.
“Having 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, we have established long-lasting OEM relationships over the years and are renowned across the globe for our high-quality pickup truck accessories. 
“We remain competitive in the market by listening to our customers, monitoring the market trends, and testing and meeting OEM standards for our products. By building state-of-the-art production facilities in the US, sEurope and Asia, we’re able to accelerate our development and delivery of our cargo solutions.”
Leveraging many years of experience with designing and manufacturing aluminium roll covers, Mountain Top recently launched its new EVO series.
“Designed, developed, and tested in Australia and Denmark, the EVO series is Mountain Top’s toughest, smartest, and most secure roll cover on the market,” Matthew said.
“With innovation being at the core of Mountain Top, the EVO series features a range of technological advancements including a six-point water management system, easy-to-use click-tech design, and secure interlocking aluminium slats that are knife proof making it impossible to force them apart.
“In addition to providing roll covers to the world’s most popular automotive brands, we continuously improve our products and processes in order to build world-class cargo solutions for vehicle owners around the world.”

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