TaT’s Jeff Smit has been inducted into the AAAA Hall of Fame

The Automotive Technician (TaT)’s Jeff Smit was inducted into the AAAA Hall of Fame at the AAA Excellence Awards Banquet.
Jeff is described as the consummate automotive technician professional who believes passionately in the need for constant training to stay ahead in the automotive repair industry.
He owns and operates two auto electrical, general repair and air conditioning workshops in Sydney, and he was instrumental in establishing the TaT training and publishing network with two partners in 2007.
Jeff completed an apprenticeship with Supreme Auto Electrical before heading to Bromspec BMW. In 1984 he and a business partner opened Mosman Auto Electrical.
In 1994, he joined the Australian Auto Electrical Association, and it was here that he met many other technicians who shared his passion for the trade. He later also became Secretary of the Association in 1997.
In the mid-2000s Jeff realised that for the aftermarket to prosper, participants would need to start helping each other out rather than seeing each other as competition.
This concept of sharing information, knowledge and experience led to the forming of The Automotive Technician in 2007 and with fellow Directors Deyan Barrie, Mark Padwick and Ken Newton, the first magazine was published in February of 2008.
The emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles has given him a new passion. He has converted a 1997 Toyota Starlet, which he uses as a training aid.
He is currently embarking on an Australia EV and hybrid training tour, towing a trailer full of electric engines and battery packs from town to town.
“I have enjoyed every year of my involvement in this industry. I did fall into it – if I didn’t have an apprenticeship Mum wouldn’t let me leave school, so I was hell bent on getting one. We had no interest in the automotive industry; we used to push start a VW Beetle every morning to get anywhere! I’ve loved every minute of it,” Jeff said in his acceptance speech.
“We have built a group within the TaT community of people who share our passion and have embraced what we are trying to do. The TaT philosophy is about sharing information within this industry.
“I always said that you guys need a healthy aftermarket to sell to, so you can help us to help each other, in educating each other and sharing information that will benefit us all.
“If we can harness our combined experience, that will be our greatest asset which will allow us to stay profitable and viable as an aftermarket industry.
“I’m more excited about this industry now at 60-plus years of age than I have ever been. I hope I can continue health-wise to continue what we have started.”

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