The 2024 Expo was a resounding success for Swan Automotive Parts

Swan Automotive Parts says its stand at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo attracted a significant number of trade visitors and unveiled potential reseller opportunities.
“With the increased awareness of our Swan brand being made an OEM supplier, with every Expo, we have seen a continual trend in increased visitors attending our stand,” Swan Automotive Parts Marketing Manager, Steve Butrakoski, said.
“Many of our existing customers visited our stand to see our Swan ignition coil range on display. This was not only beneficial for us in terms of strengthening our existing relationships, it also served as an excellent opportunity for potential customers who are aware of us, but have not yet become customers, to physically see our presence and product range on display.
“Our Swan fuel pump modules were another focal point for visitors, particularly mechanics. This is largely due to the growing trend in the trade sector to replace the entire module instead of just the pump itself while retaining the original module.
“This method of repair has prompted us to focus on expanding our range to include complete modules.
“The interest in our Swan brand also extended to our wipers. Our wiper blades were another big success with visitors, as it was our first public reveal of the range and its new packaging.
“Feedback from the Trade and Reseller visitor was that even though there is already an established market for wipers, they were all interested and actively seeking another brand of wipers.
“The key discussion and takeaway point amongst our visitors regarding our Swan range of products, was they that were all impressed our brand is made by an OEM supplier.
“During the Expo we observed that every visitor was carrying some sort of showbag from other exhibitors which included the usual marketing merchandise.
“In contrast, we believe we offered a more popular promotional bag, which included our Pistol spray cans, whether it was a brake cleaner, throttle body cleaner, or degreaser.
“Some lucky visitors walked away with all three in their Swan carry bag. This was a major hit with the visitors as it was unexpected, and the cans are actually useful within their workplace.
“We also want to extend our thanks to David from New Zealand-based Auto Agencies, the manufacturer of Sealwel, for which we are the Australian distributor.
“Many visitors have used Sealwel but did not know that Swan was the distributor, so they were able to reconnect with the brand and product.
“To all who visited our stand, we thank you and hope you found the visit beneficial. Swan will continue to provide high-quality auto parts at competitive prices and build on our relationships with our customer base. We look forward to seeing you at the next Expo.”

For more information or to find your nearest distributor, please phone Swan Automotive Parts on 03 9336 2889.