Stocking Vintage Air, SPAL and Maradyne fans, Superformance says it will have a solution for your vehicle’s needs

Superformance offers a wide range of Vintage Air universal and surefit air-conditioning systems and componentry to suit your Hot Rod or Muscle Car.
Installing a new climate control system into any vehicle can be an intimidating challenge, even for the experienced automotive project enthusiast.
That’s why the team at Vintage Air say they have designed their A/C climate control systems with ease of installation in mind.
Pairing quality components with the latest technology available, Vintage Air says its products aim to provide quality air-conditioning solutions for your classic vehicle, muscle car or hot rod.
Vintage Air surefit climate control series products are individually designed for each vehicle model, utilising factory body features and sheet metal locations to optimise the performance of the system in each vehicle shape.
To find out if a surefit system is available for your vehicle, you can contact the team at Superformance or visit the website.
If your vehicle does not have a surefit kit available, Vintage Air says it will still have climate control solutions for your Street Rod.
It explains that several different universal systems are available, including its popular Gen II systems, which range in size from the GEN II Compac to the GEN II Mini and GEN II Super.
These GEN II universal kits are optional as Heat and Cooling or with Defrost. Each system reportedly features high torque gear driven motors for increased airflow to outlets, intelligent CAD designed housings which improve airflow significantly compared to conventional designs, a heavy duty wiring harness with all the circuit breakers and relays ready to go and an isolated blower fan motor to reduce noise and increase its lifetime.
Importantly, says Vintage Air, no longer will your climate control system rely on engine vacuum; which can be an issue on high performing engines.
Superformance is said to be one of Australia’s largest performance automotive superstores, carrying a wide range of climate control components to solve your air-conditioning issues.
Included in the range are common A/C replacement parts such as Compressors, Evaporators, Condensers, Engine Cooling products and much more. Stocking Vintage Air, SPAL and Maradyne fans, Superformance says it will have a solution for your vehicle’s needs.

For more information, visit or call 07 3488 7888.