Featuring 33 service functions

With the technological advances in vehicles, a high-end quality diagnostic scan tool is a must for today’s workshops.
With special ‘service functions’ to aid the service/repair of specific components, the diagnostic tool assists in completing tasks more efficiently and accurately, saving time and money.
Logicar have the newly released Launch Auscan 4 Diagnostic Tool with 33 service functions.
With service functions ranging from Brake Resets through to Window Calibrations, Logicar says the Auscan 4 has the capabilities your workshop requires. Examples include:
• Adaptive Front Lighting Calibration: resetting and zeroing out of sensors, in the event of headlight repair or replacement.
• Battery Matching: resetting the battery parameters allows the ECU to determine the correct charging algorithm.
• Stop Start Reset: after battery replacement or low voltage warnings.
• Sun Roof and Window Calibration: resetting of the window operating parameters.
During a site visit, the Logicar Technical Team witnessed a vehicle with an electric hand brake that required the diagnostic tool to ‘release’ the hand brake while the vehicle was elevated on a lift, to allow the brake pads to be replaced.
The diagnostic tool was used to engage the electric hand brake and return the vehicle to its original operating procedure.
With more and more vehicles using brake pads with built in wear sensors, these vehicles require a ‘brake reset’ after the worn pads have been replaced, resetting the parameters of the new pads back into the ECU.
Gearbox Relearn may be required after gearbox removal, repair and in some cases, when the vehicle battery has been replaced. The relearn function is used to improve the quality of gear shifts, reducing delay and shift impact.
High Voltage Battery Diagnostics allow the testing of EV Batteries and Battery Modules. SoH (State of Health), cell voltages and cell resistance readings are displayed to assist in low voltage detection.

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