Dr Uli Weller has been nominated as Managing Director in addition to Günter Hiermaier

The long-standing Commercial Director of the company in Ulm, Dr Uli Weller became the second Managing Director of the group of companies at the start of 2023.
Liqui Moly said this is a logical step and a guarantee for lasting stability and security.
“My responsibility is to lead our company into a secure future. For me, a second managing director means perfect strategic support,” Günter said.
With this step, Dr Uli Weller will be promoted to an additional Managing Director of the Liqui Moly Group, which also includes the Meguin GmbH & Co. KG Mineraloelwerke in Saarlouis as well numerous Liqui Moly subsidiaries abroad.
He will also continue functioning as the Commercial Director while Günter remains as the company spokesman.    
Liqui Moly has been very successful under the leadership of Günter as the new boss since the 1st of March 2022.
Despite the difficult global economy and the extremely difficult situation on the raw material market, the company in Ulm continues to grow and has created 72 additional jobs in 2022.
Dr Weller is happy about his task.
“I’m looking forward to helping shape the future of Liqui Moly from the top. As long as I’ve been working for the company, I’ve been well aware of the fact that success is ultimately always a team effort. And we have an extraordinary team, and I would like to be part of leading it,” Dr Weller said.

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